Image of Shaedes of Gray: A Shaede Assassin Novel


Image of Shaedes of Gray: A Shaede Assassin Novel

It is always a pleasure to discover an excellent new author and series, and Bonilla qualifies on both counts. The debut of her Shaede Assassin series features a tough yet compelling heroine. Full of fascinating characters, high-stakes intrigue and fast-paced action, it’s a truly exhilarating adventure! Do not miss out!

Nearly a century ago, Darian was an abused wife transformed by her lover into an immortal Shaede who can slip in and out of darkness effortlessly. But after telling her they are the last of their kind, Azriel abandons her. To survive, Darian uses her unique skills to become an assassin. For the last five years, Darian has contracted with Tyler, who vets her assignments and watches her back. Then her newest assignment shatters Darian’s view as it turns out her target is the King of the Shaede Nation — a nation Darian didn’t know existed. Suddenly Darian is thrust into a budding supernatural war and must find her way carefully, for nothing and no one is as it seems. (SIGNET ECLIPSE, Dec., 336 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith