Image of Shaken And Stirred


Image of Shaken And Stirred
Gabe O'Sullivan owns the bar that's been in his family for 80 years, and Tessa Hart has worked there since she arrived from Florida four years before, brokenhearted and determined to make a secure place for herself in the world. Gabe thinks of her as a sister, then they become roommates and he realizes he wants much more. But Tessa is determined to keep her eye on the prize of self-sufficiency, not a relationship. When she trades a date with him for an apartment of her own, Gabe feels used. Shaken and Stirred (4), by Kathleen O'Reilly, is a fun story with great emotion, very appealing brothers and true conflict. It's a strong start to the new miniseries Those Sexy O'Sullivans.
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Page Traynor