Haunted by memories of being raped, cleaning woman Lily Bard reluctantly agrees to attend group therapy. It becomes apparent to Lily that someone is stalking Tamsin Lind, forcing her to live in terror. Still, her own life has become a wreck, so she joins the group.

Before Lily gets a chance to decide if the group is helping her or not, one of the members is attacked and a dead woman is found in Tamsins office. The police are called in and Lily, because of her involvement with the case as well as her own connections, gets a birds eye view of the investigation. At first, the clues seem to go nowhere, but when a horrible truth emerges, even Lily, whos seen so much, is taken by surprise.

The mystery in SHAKESPEARES COUNSELOR is exceptionally well plotted, with an ending that will take everyone by surprise. The story also explores rape and its aftermath, making for an extremely compelling read. (Nov., 240 pp., $22.95)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg