Lily Bard, cleaning woman and karate expert, is making her work rounds in Shakespeare, AR, when she spots an automobile hidden in the woods. She checks out the car and discovers the naked body of town tramp Deedra Dean inside.

The local sheriff is called in but doesnt handle the investigation well. Lilys younger brother, Marlon, was Deedras latest conquest so he becomes the prime suspect.

Lily realizes that this case is beyond the competency of the sheriff. When a relative of Deedras almost dies in a suspicious fire, Lily realizes she must take matters into her own hands if justice is to be served.

The intricacies of small-town southern life set the stage for SHAKESPEARES TROLLOP. Lily Bard is an intriguing character, and readers will enjoy her attempts to make sense of human nature in general, and men in particular! (Aug., 227 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg