Image of Shalador's Lady: A Black Jewels Novel


Image of Shalador's Lady: A Black Jewels Novel

A sequel to last year's The Shadow Queen, this book shares many of the
same themes of trauma, survival and the importance of doing what is right. Bishop handles these difficult subjects with a good deal of grace and sensitivity and, as always, with compelling characterization. Cassidy's struggle to believe in herself is particularly resonant, and Gray's mastery of his inner demons is triumphant.

Finally, after years of deprivation and bad government, the Shalador people of Dene Nehele have a queen they can believe in: the rose-jeweled Lady Cassidy. However, it isn't happily ever after for Cassidy and her court, for the Black Widows have seen a dark and tangled future for the queen and the land -- a future that seems likely to come to fruition as a part of Cassidy's painful past intrudes on her present.

Cassidy must rise to the occasion and become the queen that Jaenelle -- the former queen of Ebon Askavi and still a powerful voice in the land -- knows that she can be. It is only then that both Cassidy and the Shalador people can be whole. (ROC, Mar., 448 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Natalie A. Luhrs