Upon his return from the war in the Peninsula, Josiah Daniel Elliot discovers that his brother, Nathaniel, and Nathaniel's two sons are missing, along with all their money.

With the help of the kind and mystery-loving Earl of Balzingone, Josiah is determined to find them. Posing as the Earl's valet (and humorously, not a very good one), he is in London on a quest.

The arrival of Lady Miranda, his love, makes Josiah's search that much more imperative. A proud man, he will not marry Miranda, the sister of the Duke of Constock, until he can prove himself worthy. The family Bible, also missing, will prove his impeccable birthright.

Miranda doesn't care about antecedents. She loves Josiah just the way he is and, along with Blazingone, helps in his search. But Josiah is unaware that the evil nature of one man will put them all in danger.

With her marvelous knowledge of the Regency period, Ms. Lansdowne takes the reader on a twisting and turning read full of laughs, along with her cast of delightful characters. There is a heartwarming love story and a charming secondary romance for the Earl. SENSUAL (Mar., 352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond