Eirene knew that she was different and that her differences could cost her her life, so she hides her abilities as an Enhancer. Eirene could have lived in silence if her uncle hadnt decided to marry her off to a Leor, a race of people known for their fierceness and crueltyand their desire for virgin brides. So Eirene runs away with only one thoughtto lose her virginity.

The first stop on her journey is to a Pleasure Dome where she poses as an illicit employee. Jarek san Ranul wasnt one to ordinarily visit a Pleasure Dome, but is thrilled to meet a young beauty who touches his heart. No one is more surprised then he to discover Eirene is a virgin. And when someone comes into the room and tries to kill him, Eirene breaks down and uses her Enhancer skills to save his life.

Ms. Spangler masterfully takes readers into an enchanting world. Bringing back favorite characters from past books in this series and placing them in this magical tale which stands completely on its own, she delivers sheer delight. (Sep., 368 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson