Image of Shamed in the Sands (Desert Men of Qurhah)


Image of Shamed in the Sands (Desert Men of Qurhah)
SHAMED IN THE SANDS (4.5) by Sharon Kendrick: In a moment of blatant disobedience and a monumental lapse in judgment, Princess Leila of Qurhah gives in to her desire for a stranger that begets a lifetime consequence. Advertising guru Gabe Steel is in Qurhah to promote the principality, not seduce the sultan’s sister, but when the masquerading princess gets under his skin, he’s defenseless. Can this forbidden affair lead to everlasting love, or is it just a mirage? Kendrick’s narrative brings her impeccably decadent settings to life as she switches from palatial sandscapes to urban London. The liaison between the heartbreaker and the virgin entertains with heartfelt and heartbreaking emotion, and their lovemaking is sensually explosive.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt