Book seven of the amazingly titillating Bound Hearts series features Ian Sinclair, the owner of The Club. Many of its members, the Trojans, have found their lifemates but often share them with a third person. Ian is a satisfied member, but knows he'll never be truly sated, since there's no room for love in his heart.

Courtney Mattlaw's father, Dane, trusts Ian to care for her when she spends a few weeks in the U.S. Ian knows Courtney has a crush on him, but he'd never break his best-friend bond with Dane and act on it. Yet Courtney pushes and pushes. Ian warns her that she won't be able to handle him--his needs are excessive and not all that gentle. But Courtney just needs one chance, and she's sure that he'll be back for more.

Wild, amazing, sensual and sexual, they are both quite insatiable around one another. But will Courtney accept the ultimate--sharing--from Ian? No matter which book in this series you pick up, Leigh writes it hot and heavy, making the reader want more. (dl, $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Leigh Rowling