Image of Shameless (The House of Rohan)


Image of Shameless (The House of Rohan)

In The House of Rohan series, no innocent is safe and readers are rendered breathless with chills of delight. Master storyteller Stuart’s inventive romances tantalize the mind and body with their dark, highly sensual plots, sizzling love scenes and unforgettable characters. The stories linger long after the last page is turned, and you’ll place them on your keeper shelf in order to read and re-read them.

Viscount Benedick Francis Alistair Rohan appears as cynical and aloof as his forebears, but he is haunted by the deaths of two wives. He needs a calm, proper and prim woman to provide him with a home and an heir. He believes he can live a passionless life, but after all — he is a Rohan.

Lady Melisande Carstairs, aka “Charity Carstairs,” is a widow who cares little for gossip and helps soiled doves better themselves. She comes whirling into Benedick’s study to inform him that his younger brother has resurrected the family’s Hellfire club and the Heavenly Host. Her concern is that young women are missing, possibly taken by the host. Benedick is surprised at his overwhelming attraction to the virago. Working alongside Melisande to uncover what kind of trouble his brother is really into and why the Host has turned from debauchery to satanic rituals only increases the desire. He is an expert at wooing women’s bodies, but can he win Melisande’s mind and heart? (MIRA, Jul., 380 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin