An emotional addition to Wiesner’s Family Heirloom series, this book shows the redemptive quality of love and forgiveness. Though the hero is a Christian and loves the heroine deeply, he sometimes acts more like a stalker. The author does a good job of showing that Christians are human and make mistakes, but misses exemplifying the joy that knowing Christ can give a person.

Military chaplain Jay Samuels has cared for Ashley Savage since high school. Though Ashley makes it clear she wants them to be separate in every way, Jay wants more than friendship from her. Now a successful owner of a business, Ashley still finds it hard to believe that someone as worthless as she is deserves happiness. She blames Jay, his family and their church for embracing her mother and stepfather, though she never told them of the ways they abused her. When she finally tells Jay, will he accept who and what she was? Can he accept the terrible thing her mother’s treatment of her led her to do? (WHISKEY CREEK, Sep., 326 pp., $15.95)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley