Molly McAdam's decision to tell a story based around the polarizing subject of infidelity is a brave one, the execution is flawed. Mainly, the villainization of Brody's wife is completely unnecessary and makes light of mental illness. KC's story is interesting, but Brody's reluctance to share his past with the woman he supposedly loves feels dishonest and is ultimately a conflict that hinders, rather than drives, the plot. While exploring cheating and infidelity is something that this reviewer would like to see more of in romance, this story needs polishing.

After fleeing her suffocating life as the daughter of a wealthy, high-profile Kentucky horse racing family, Kamryn "KC" Cunningham has relocated to a small Oregon town with a new identity as a bakery owner. In an effort to keep her past hidden, dating isn't a priority until she meets her best friend's hunky brother-in-law, town cop Brody. The attraction is instant, but both KC and Brody are hesitant to act on it because of one small detail — Brody is married. As KC learns more about Brody's wife and their complicated history, her identity is compromised and she realizes it's going to take a whole lot of patience and understanding in order to wait for the man she wants. (WILLIAM MORROW, Jul., 336 pp., $14.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Elisa Verna