Image of The Sharpshooter's Secret Son


Image of The Sharpshooter's Secret Son

THE SHARPSHOOTER'S SECRET SON (4) by Mallory Kane: Deke knows all about honor and responsibility, which is why he didn't contest his divorce. Though he still adores Mindy, the girl he grew up with, he thinks she deserved better than a man whose job and emotions kept her at a distance. When she's kidnapped by terrorists, Deke can't help but ride to her rescue. He's not afraid of terrorists, but coming face to face with his eight-months-pregnant wife nearly scares him to death. He just wanted to save the woman he loved, but is he strong enough to be the husband and father she and their child deserve? Kane creates feisty and independent women who are more than a match for their men, and this story is a terrifically complicated thriller.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper