Image of Shatter (Phoenix Rising)


Image of Shatter (Phoenix Rising)

Swan’s Phoenix Rising series, featuring firefighters who have superpowers after exposure to a mystery chemical, continues with the story of a male secondary character from earlier books. New readers may find the first half of the book confusing without the backstory. However, the unraveling of the conspiracy, exposure of the bad guys and triumph of true love make the latter part of the book more satisfying.

Attorney Mitch Foster has been drawn into the strange family of damaged/enhanced firefighters ever since his sister married one. Mitch has finally located research scientist Halina Beloi, who betrayed him years ago when she was working for the bad guys. The spark between Mitch and Halina is still there, but she is determined to run again, and Mitch is devastated when he learns why. Plus, Halina is a prime target of the conspirators, and her presence puts the entire family at risk. (BRAVA, Jan., 352 pp., $9.95)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan