Robards' storytelling excellence shines as she presents another classic tale of murder, betrayal and deceit. Long-simmering sensual sparks erupt when attorney Lisa Grant and D.A. Scott Buchanan clash.
The author throws her heroine into the danger headfirst when she uncovers old secrets. With a Robards novel you always find plenty of intriguing suspense grounded with solid characterization and spiced with sexy sizzle.

Attorney Lisa Grant returns home to Kentucky to be with her ALS-stricken mother. Their horse farm has fallen on hard times, and Lisa figures it will have to be sold once her mother passes. Lisa capitalizes on Scott's friendship with her mother by asking for a job. While working in the cold-case area, she discovers a 30-year-old photo of a missing woman who could be her twin. Marisa Garcia and her family vanished one night, and while foul play was suspected, what really happened remains a mystery. The same night Lisa brings home the Garcia file, her house catches fire. Is it a coincidence? Or is someone trying to stop her investigation? (PUTNAM, Mar., 400 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith