Image of The Shattered Dark (A Shadow Reader Novel)


Image of The Shattered Dark (A Shadow Reader Novel)

Williams is back for the second chapter in her thoroughly intriguing Shadow Reader series, illustrating how heroine McKenzie Lewis’ life has been forever changed. As a human in the middle of a fae war, McKenzie’s shadow reading ability makes her a valuable commodity. Williams dials up the action, peril and treachery in this thrilling tale while also placing her heroine’s heart at the center of a wrenching romantic triangle.

For years, former college student McKenzie worked with fae sword master Kyol helping the fae king track down rebels. Then McKenzie was kidnapped by fae rebel leader Aren — and she learned she was on the wrong side. Now that the king has been killed, the rebels are trying to put Lena, the daughter of Zarrak, on the silver throne. Even Kyol has switched sides and now works with Lena, but there are still dangerous remnants working to kill the rebels. McKenzie’s heart has been won by Aren, but she can’t forget her ties to Kyol. As elements start spinning out of control, McKenzie starts to wonder if there’s a puppetmaster with his own agenda pulling the strings in this conflict. (ACE, Nov., 304 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith