Delcia Adams, widowed years earlier, is a spunky individual with a strong mind whos dedicated to making her campground the best ever. Thinking shes found love once again with her boyfriend Richard, Delcia is looking forward to more of the good things life has to offer. When Richard ends up dead, Delcia quickly finds herself with yet one more heartache to overcome.

Retired Navy Seal Carter Matthews has a quiet and reserved nature. Raised by foster parents, Carter has yet to find that one missing piece of his heart. For now, he wants to find his foster brothers murderer.

The trail leads him to Delcias campground on Coree Island, NC. Hoping to find a murderer, Carter is shocked to find beautiful Delcia with a precious little baby girl by her side. The plot thickens and mayhem takes over. Carter has his job cut out for him as he struggles to put all the pieces into place and discover the murderer before he moves on to his next victim.

A delightful romance complete with an endearing cast of characters who find themselves faced with some of lifes difficulties. This story was intriguing from the start, with surprising plot twists that add to the mystery. (Nov., 249 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Pamela Tullos