Dan Justice takes his job as a sheriff's deputy seriously, and the Lord has rewarded his faithfulness with a loving wife and two adorable children. Then tragedy strikes, and Dan is left to raise his children on his own. They seek change in a mountain town named Sanctuary. Surely, in this tiny, close-knit community, his family is safe. But even here, twisted people make trouble and innocent people get hurt. Dan's sense of justice is mocked at every turn, and his life is torn apart. How can God have a plan in this travesty? Dan has a choice—continue to trust God or curse him. In his pain, he realizes that lives depend on his decision.

Ball turns the emotional screws while offering the hope of an eternal perspective. Characterization is straightforward, and a few situations lack the complexity to match the intense theme. Character quirks and touches of humor add light moments. (Jun., 368 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson