Though SHATTERED LEGACY doesn't have your typical happy-ever-after, it does have intriguing characters and a great story. As the oldest daughter of the wizard Galen, Chantel is the most powerful of her sisters. She knows what fate is to befall her, her sisters and the men they will love.

For months before they actually meet, Chantel and warrior leader Devlin, known as "Shadow," have shared erotic dreams that weave their lives together. They share a love that goes beyond eternity, but Chantel is keeping a secret from Devlin. When she is taken captive, it's a race against time and destiny for Devlin and the others.

The prequel to a new series by Leigh, this story runs the gamut of emotions and then some. From erotic dreams to nightmares of death and destruction, SHATTERED LEGACY takes readers on a journey they will not soon forget. (dl $6.49)

Reviewed by: 
Jordan Moon