Librarian Rachel Bradley and her detective sister Kelly are determined to investigate the "overdose/suicide" of their sister C.J. Rachel decides to infiltrate Historic Homes, the last place C.J. visited. When it turns out that Historic Homes and its principals, Wallace Pennell and Thad Fairchild, are under suspicion for money laundering, the sisters decide to assist the police with the help of Rachel's extraordinary gift: If she looks deeply into an individual's eyes, he is unable to lie.

Ex-con Drake Hunter doubts the meek librarian has any powers, but has his own reasons for assisting the police. If he uncovers the truth, they will reopen his case. Years earlier Drake was framed and convicted on a narcotics rap. His deceased former partner was his prime suspect, but Drake is certain that the true connection lies with Historic Homes.

As both Drake and Rachel soon discover, Thad Fairchild is no one to mess around with; those who do can wind up seriously injured or dead.

Award-winning author Deborah Nicholas plunges readers deep into a dark, hazardous world where one woman's unique ability to force the truth may be her salvation or doom. A hard-edged, harrowing tale, SHATTERED REFLECTIONS is guaranteed to satisfy fans with breathtaking suspense. A nail-biter! (June, 416 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith