Image of The Shattered Sylph


Image of The Shattered Sylph

Rising star McDonald returns with
the second of back-to-back stories set
in her exciting new world. A kidnapping launches a hazardous quest that draws readers further into a world where slavery and magic are intertwined. Lizzy
and Ril, two secondary characters from the first novel, now take center stage
as they struggle for their lives and
souls. McDonald is fast making a
place for herself in the wonderful
world of fantasy!

A teenage lark turns tragic when Lizzy Petrule is kidnapped from the port city of Para Dubh by slavers and taken across the sea to Meridal. When Lizzy's father Leon and his damaged battle sylph Ril learn of her fate, they launch an expedition to save her.

In the Sylph Valley, Queen Solie guides the hive of battle sylphs, preventing the dangerous enslavement of the warriors. In Meridal, however, the battle sylphs are enslaved, as are women in the harem and "feeders," who provide the sylphs with the energy they need to live. Lizzy is tossed into the harem and must find a way to survive. Meanwhile, Leon and Ril struggle to find a way to penetrate a city possessing more than 700 dangerous and enslaved battle sylphs. (LEISURE, Apr., 321 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith