Lt. Bran McCall just wants to protect and care for his wife. But Tory, who had to learn to be tough and independent, resists his attempts to take care of her. Less than a year after marriage, Tory wants a divorce. But a vicious criminal is determined to avenge his brother's well-deserved killing by Bran and the police force. Now Tory is in deadly danger. Can Bran and Tory learn to balance their conflicting needs while keeping Tory alive? Shattered Vows (4.5) by Maggie Price is a well-written, exciting adventure. Bran and Tory are true opposites, bound by passion but separated by such real issues that it is hard to know how they will unite. The sexual tension rises by the page. There is also humor via the relationships of Bran's extended family.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor