In The Bane Affair, Kent introduced Christian Bane, one of five special operatives known as the Smithson Group. These spies are trained to go deep undercover to get the bad guys off the street. They're tough, built and the best at what they do. And they will do anything in the name of justice.

Now with The Shaughnessey Accord, set in Manhattan, SG-5 operative Tripp Shaughnessey is staking out Brighton's Spuds & Subs Sandwich Shop. Tripp believes a member of the international crime syndicate Spectra IT has chosen the little shop as a base of operations to smuggle diamonds.

Tripp's job is to bust the Spectra IT agent and keep the owner of Brighton's safe. But when he finds himself locked in the storage room of the sandwich shop with Miss Glory Brighton herself, Tripp looses his rigid self-control and all thoughts of diamonds and danger go out the window as lust takes center stage—until the door comes crashing in and all hell breaks loose.

Kent combines James Bond-like characters with a realistic plot that has descriptive and detailed scenes to provide readers with plenty of fast-paced action. (Nov., 160 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Tanyz Kacik