Flame-haired Cailin MacGregor finds herself in the midst of the decisive Battle of Culloden. She witnesses one of the bloodiest battles in history and sees her beloved stepfather slaughtered by the English.

Clutching an amulet called the Eye of the Mist (which is both cursed and blessed), Cailin begins to believe in its promise.

Half-Shawnee and half English, Sterling Grey is fighting against Bonnie Prince Charlie's highland supporters and glimpses the fiery Scot, whom he remembers from his Indian dream quest.

Sterling, haunted by his renewed vision of Cailin, saves her from hanging by agreeing to marry her and take her out of the country. As they travel to the Maryland colony, they begin to passionately care for one another. But Cailin has not been able to keep the promise she made to save her brother.

When she meets Sterling's relatives she learns that the amulet has more meaning then she realized when Lady Kensington, also known as Moonfeather, murmurs that the circle has been closed.

But life in Maryland is not idyllic and Cailin has to face war once more.

Readers familiar with Ms. French's wonderfully detailed colonial romances won't be disappointed with her latest exciting and hard-to-put-down addition to the Moonfeather series. SENSUAL (June, 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Greer