Costume designer Rebecca Alexander has put her professional skills to work to save herself from a stalker. The story opens on a tense note: Rebecca, disguised as a young man, is leaving Chicago. The stalker, referred to by Rebecca as "the man in the mask," is just moments behind her.

Three months later, Rebecca has assumed the identity of Ellie, a quiet waitress living in a small resort town in upstate New York. Jace Monroe, a private investigator in town recovering from an accident, quickly figures out that "Ellie" isn't who she pretends to be. He's attracted to her and wants to help, but Rebecca is afraid to let anyone into her world.

Although the initial attraction between Jace and Rebecca seems forced, their relationship becomes more plausible as the story progresses. Occasional scenes from the stalker's point of view increase the intensity of the story. (Nov. '04, 179 pp.,$15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Roseann Marlett