Image of She Went All the Way


Image of She Went All the Way
He was absolutely the last person that Academy Award–winning screenwriter Lou Calabrese wanted to see. Granted, superstar Jack Townsend is handsome and talented, he also broke Lou's friend's heart. But the show must go on so Lou and Jack board a helicopter to fly to an Alaskan movie site. What is already an awkward situation turns deadly when the pilot of the helicopter suddenly tries to shoot Jack. The horrified duo learn that the pilot has been hired to kill Jack, and since Lou is along for the ride, there can be no witnesses.

Some quick thinking forces a crash landing, but now Lou and Jack are stuck in the Alaskan wilderness with snowmobile hitmen chasing them. Hopefully they can survive long enough to answer the big question: Who wants to kill Hollywood's favorite actor?

Bestselling author Meggin Cabot (aka Meg Cabot) launches readers on an incredible and exhilarating ride. Filled with humorous and wacky characters, loads of action and sexy scenes, this "Hollywood" tale is one funny romp. (Dec., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith