Thirteen-year-old Lady Syrah is captivated by Prince Jibril when he visits her family. Years later, she plots to smuggle him out of the kingdom in a coffin and hold him for ransom to regain her family's home.

But even after Syrah sets him free, Jibril refuses to leave her. Though he should despise her, he is falling in love and will do anything to help her exact revenge against the villain who stole her birthright.

This rollicking adventure, filled with spirited dialogue and sensuality, is a must-read for those seeking a lighthearted tale. Though the author's charming characters and their motivations and feelings would benefit from added depth, this debut heralds a bright talent for crafting sexually charged adventure romances. SENSUAL (Aug., 299 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin