To avoid a war, the Gattan Marljas, along with his brother and his brother's family, travel to Drakan on a diplomatic mission to establish trade with them. He never expects to find love in the form of the Drakan Sheala. Their attraction quickly grows, but it's not until Sheala is kidnapped and brutally raped that their attachment becomes public and official.

Returning to Gattan with Sheala, Marljas faces not only the heartbreaking job of convincing his wife to trust him again sexually, but also the political intrigue working to force him to take a second wife -- the queen's niece. This Celestial Passions sequel to Brianna is a wonderfully complex story with numerous threads and lots of characters who are intriguing and interesting. The problems they face and the actions they take to overcome them are skillfully portrayed. Most of the rape scene takes place off the page. (dl $6.49)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley