Completely entertaining, Skully's story contains a bright, humorous romance, and one that deals with the darker, more emotional side of psychic visions. The characters are all nicely complex and very congenial, and the romances are well developed.

Opal's mother is a psychic, her brother a medium and her sister, Pearl, reads tarot, so when she finally has a vision at the age of 28, she is overjoyed. When Opal's Grandma Blue finds out that the man who witnessed her vision is named Jack Davis, she is sure that he's the reincarnation of race car driver "Dynamite" Davis -- or does she really just want to match him up with Opal?

Meanwhile, the man who broke Pearl's heart needs her help. He's lost his psychic ability to find people and is desperate to locate a missing young woman. Can they find her in time to save her life? (HQN, Oct., 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley