Offered the chance to revisit a study of human mating habits done by her late father 25 years ago, anthropologist Claire Dellafield isn't in a position to refuse. When she returns to The Jungle, a New York bar where the original research was conducted, Claire discovers things have changed. When Claire identifies herself and her purpose, the owner insists that his bouncer, Mitch Malone, accompany her while she's doing her interviews. Mitch, actually an undercover cop investigating the distribution of illegal aphrodisiacs at Jungle, has little desire to babysit Claire. But there's a spark between them, which could be the result of one aphrodisiac that Mitch isn't aware of—the "man-magnet" skirt Claire was wearing when he met her. Whatever the cause, he can't resist her…and he can't reveal his identity until he can prove to his partner that Claire is as innocent as she seems. The infamous black skirt returns in Kristin Gabriel's SHEERLY IRRESISTIBLE (3), which is distinguished by its quick pace and wonderful New York atmosphere. The movie quote trivia scene is memorable too.

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer