SHEIKH SURGEON CLAIMS HIS BRIDE by Josie Metcalfe (4): Sheikh Zayed Khalil is a gorgeous surgeon with a traumatic past. He has left his homeland after political upheaval and has settled in Penhally Bay, where he established a pediatric orthopedics unit at St. Piran’s Hospital. When Dr. Emily Livingston joins Zayad’s surgical staff, she immediately takes to her new position and also Zayed. Emily loses her heart to the doctor when she notices his tender ways with young children. Zayed is equally amazed by Emily’s ability as a surgeon and her drive to learn all he has to teach. He knows Emily is an extraordinary woman and that they share a dedication to their small patients. Yet, Zayed discerns an underlying sadness in Emily. When Zayed learns her only family member, her grandmother, is in the last stages of cancer Zayed reveals he is also struggling with his own loss. Can these two bruised hearts learn to rely on each other for support and perhaps something more? This is a moving, uplifting and a truly magical read. The hero is honorable and darkly tormented while the heroine is idealistic and strong. They come from very different backgrounds, but their love and need to help others brings them together and makes them the perfect couple! (HARLEQUIN, Sept. 2011, 192 pp., $4.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

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Nas Dean