Image of At The Sheikh's Bidding


Image of At The Sheikh's Bidding
The lives of Erin Maguire and Prince Zahir bin Kahlid Al Muntassir unexpectedly collide because Zahir thought his nephew was an orphan, and Erin's husband had told her the boy had no family. Now she finds out her adopted son, Kazim, is the heir to a royal kingdom. When they meet, Erin and Zahir are in for the biggest surprise of all -- the intense pull of attraction. Before Erin can sort things out, she's married to Zahir. She falls in love with him, but Zahir seems clueless, so she decides to leave Kazim with his new family, although it breaks her heart. At the Sheikh's Bidding (4), by Chantelle Shaw, is an intoxicating mix. You can practically feel the steam as the passion builds in this not-to-be-missed love story.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers