Image of The Sheikh's Contract Bride


Image of The Sheikh's Contract Bride
All their lives, teacher Beth Farrah has protected her barely elder twin sister Addie. But breaking Addie's proxy betrothal to Prince Malik Hourani by posing as her is a tough assignment. Malik's gorgeous, charming and persuasive -- and he believes in arranged marriage. It's not long before Beth's regretting the deception and wishing she'd been born first. Then Addie arrives, announcing she's changed her mind! Malik discovers the ruse and has to decide whether to follow his head or his heart. Teresa Southwick's second Brothers of Bha'Khar title, The Sheikh's Contract Bride (4) not only makes the classic twin-switch plot work, it's actually fun. And Malik's simply scrumptious!
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer