Image of The Sheikh's Defiant Bride


Image of The Sheikh's Defiant Bride
When his brother, the heir to the kingdom of Dubaac, dies, Tariq, the Crown Prince, has to marry and produce an heir. Instead of an arranged marriage, he decides to find his own wife. Easier said than done. Then he meets Whitney Madison, and they are immediately attracted. But she's set on having a baby by artificial insemination. Since there is no marriage, Tariq has a fallback scenario in case something happens to him. He's in for a shock when he learns that Whitney is pregnant with his child! Sandra Marton's The Sheikh's Defiant Bride (3) starts off with one heck of a coincidence. In the beginning the hero is too overbearing. But once he starts behaving like a human instead of a tyrant, a wonderful romance develops.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers