Image of The Sheikh's Forbidden Virgin


Image of The Sheikh's Forbidden Virgin
THE SHEIKH'S FORBIDDEN VIRGIN (4) by Kate Hewitt: Kalila Zadar of the kingdom of Zaraq has been betrothed to the King of Calista for several years, and now it's time for the marriage. But Kalila has been having second thoughts, and adding to them is her unexpected attraction to his brother Prince Aarif Al' Farisi, who is to accompany her to Calista. He too must hide his feelings -- and that his face is scarred from an accident only intensifies his doubts. On the trip to Calista, Kalila tries to escape, and when Aarif comes after her, their true feelings are revealed. In this wonderful story of unexpected love, Hewitt does a terrific job of illustrating the honor and duty involved in living as a royal, so finding love does seem like a fairy tale!
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers