Image of The Sheikh's Love-Child


Image of The Sheikh's Love-Child
THE SHEIKH'S LOVE-CHILD (2) by Kate Hewitt: Four years after Sheikh Khaled el Farrar left Lucy Banks without a word, she's the physiotherapist for a rugby team heading to the desert kingdom of Biryal for an exhibition game. Khaled had been a rugby star for England when he sustained a career-ending injury. Lucy decides to see him one more time to tell him he has a son. Once she does that, she thinks she'll be able to move forward with her life. But when they see each other again, their relationship may start anew. This story is supposedly about two people who have loved each other quite passionately, but there are no real indications, either in looks, actions or otherwise, to show readers what made these two fall in love and remain that way for years.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers