Image of The Sheikh's Prize


Image of The Sheikh's Prize

THE SHEIKH’S PRIZE (4.5) by Lynne Graham: King Zahir Ra’if Quarishi’s marriage ended badly five years ago, and he has never forgiven his ex for her part. Now she’s unexpectedly in his desert country, and he’s all about reeling in the one that got away. While working in her ex-husband’s country, Sapphire Marshall suddenly finds herself his unwilling “guest.” He will free her after he finally beds her. When the masks come off and reveal hidden truths, can love reignite? Graham’s heartfelt romance handles catastrophic issues with candor, understanding and a good dose of humor. Her couple’s road to love is bumpy and bitter, with blazing love scenes set against the harsh yet beautiful sandscapes of fictional Maraban.

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt