Image of The Sheikh's Redemption


Image of The Sheikh's Redemption
THE SHEIKH’S REDEMPTION (4.5) by Olivia Gates: When Haidar ben Atef Aal Shalaan returns home to contend for the throne of Azmahar against his twin brother and former best friend, it puts him directly in the path of the woman he loved and who left him. Roxanne Gleeson’s affair with Haidar was incendiary, secretive and short-lived. She left when she could no longer handle his possessive demands and, after eight years, she discovers her feelings haven’t changed. Haidar has long since stopped defending himself from unfair accusations, but he will stop at nothing to make Roxanne his again — and tries to dispel her mistrust. The palace intrigue and strong personalities in this tale will sizzle the pages as they speed by, in one of Gates’ most explosive efforts yet.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper