Image of The Sheikh's Wayward Wife


Image of The Sheikh's Wayward Wife
Sheikh Khalil's father urges him to come home to the kingdom of Al Ankhara. One evening, Khalil sees what seems to be a young boy running toward the ocean before he is captured. When he goes to investigate, Khalil finds the boy is really Layla Addison, a beautiful woman who tells him a story he can't believe. Against her will, she's been sold as the bride-to-be to a mean and ruthless sheikh. Khalil can't believe his father would allow this. Layla's tried everything she can think of to escape until Khalil offers a different choice: marriage to him. Sandra Marton's The Sheikh's Wayward Wife (4) has all the elements of a romantic adventure as a future ruler tries to bridge the gap between the past and the future and unexpectedly finds his soul mate.
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Sandra Garcia-Myers