Image of In Shelter Cove (Angel's Bay)


Image of In Shelter Cove (Angel's Bay)

The third Angel's Bay story stands alone, but it's better if you've read the other entries in the series. Freethy has created a very readable set of small-town tales with a little mystery in each. This one fits well and flows nicely, even if a few of the characters' motivations seem a bit strained.

Brianna had first seen Angel's Bay when she came to town to plan her wedding to Derek Kane. Now, five years later, she is moving to town with her son, Lucas. Derek has died in prison, convicted of stealing paintings that were the pride of the town's museum. She is determined to clear her husband's name. However, one of the people she does not want to meet again is Jason Marlowe, Derek's friend, and the cop whose testimony sent him to prison. It is a shock when she discovers Jason is living next door and becoming a hero to her son. Brianna is as confused by her emerging feelings for Jason and by the cryptic clues she is uncovering about Derek. Was he the man she thought she knew? Did Jason betray him? Just who is the bad guy in this mess? And who has the paintings? (POCKET STAR, May, 390 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan