Image of Shenandoah Home (The Sinclair Legacy #1)


Image of Shenandoah Home (The Sinclair Legacy #1)

In the quiet Shenandoah Valley, Garnet Sinclair resides with her younger sister, Leah, and her widowed father; her older sister has taken a job in a hotel in a nearby city. Garnet spends her days creating beautiful works of art and is resigned to the fact that she will probably never marry or leave the valley because memories of her past keep her rooted safely close to home.

Sloan MacAllister comes to the valley to heal. Life has dealt him a bitter blow and he is angry at the world. Perhaps he can escape the demons that torment his nights and find peace. But no matter how far he runs, he cant escape his calling. Finding Garnet injured from a fall, he gently tends to her recovery. Not only does he help her heal physically, but he manages to help her deal with her past and together they find a lasting relationship.

Part II of the book is about Garnets older sister, Meredith, who resides in an unfamiliar world she is determined to conquer. Her handsome boss, Benjamin Walker, barely knows she exists. Unlike her quiet sister, Meredith is a whirlwind of life, drawing men from all walksincluding the rich and famous J. Preston Clarke. She is more than thrilled with his interest, but has a lot to learn about lifeas well as men. When it looks like she will never have either man, she wonders if she will she ever find the one God has planned for her.

Once in a while you pick up a book and know instantly you are in the hands of a master storyteller. Willingly you surrender yourself to the writers imagination as their words cause the real world to fade to oblivion. Sara Mitchell is one these authors. Garnets story was such a satisfying read, I didnt want to read Merediths. I wanted to close the book and savor the ending, but Im glad I didnt. I cant wait for book two in this series! (Jun., 416 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston