This is not a story for readers who are feint of heart! Serial killer Ackerman makes quick work of taking out most of the characters in this story. Ackerman is terrifying but not devoid of a conscience, which makes his bloody rampage all the more horrifying. The twists and turns of this intricately plotted novel will keep readers on their toes and flipping pages furiously.

Francis Ackerman Jr. was trained to kill people as a child and after years of practice, he has it down to a science. His only mistake is hunting victims in the small town where former homicide detective Marcus Williams now lives. Williams has faced evil before and he is more than willing to take on Ackerman and his sadistic games. But Williams has more to contend with than just the killer — he also must expose the town’s vigilante cops who are breaking the law in order to fulfill their own agenda. (The Fiction Studio, Mar., 328 pp., $16.95)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne