Image of Sheriff's Runaway Witness


Image of Sheriff's Runaway Witness

SHERIFF’s RUNAWAY WITNESS (4.5) by Kathleen Creighton: This has it all: excitement, a heartwarming romance, a hero who is everything a woman could want, a wonderful heroine, humor and a baby. The structure is interesting. The first in the Scandals of Sierra Malone miniseries begins with the memoirs of Sierra “Sam” Malone who has loved three women, including Elizabeth, who gave birth to his daughter, Rachel. Rachel Delacorte’s late husband, the son of a very powerful gang lord, was killed in a shootout. Now the very pregnant Rachel is on the run, and she crashes her car in the desert. She is found by Jethro Jefferson Fox III. JJ delivers her baby and then has to keep her safe from the mob. Soon JJ and Rachel are searching for her grandfather, Sam Malone, who may or may not still be alive.

Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor