April Romance brings great entertainment starting with Sally Carleen's charming PORCUPINE RANCH (4). A software designer finds herself scrubbing floors instead of surfing the net after hiring on as housekeeper for a rugged rancher, who finds her delicious kisses a more than fair exchange for her disastrous cooking. Ms. Carleen pens an engaging love story filled with appealing characters and humorous hi-jinks.

Donna Clayton spins an enchanting yarn called NANNY IN THE NICK OF TIME (4). When a sexy-as-sin policeman advertises for a nanny, he surprises himself by hiring a young and beautiful applicant, whose loving heart and gentle nature soon overwhelms this confirmed bachelor. Wonderful romantic chemistry, richly textured characters and Ms. Clayton's polished writing style make this story a joy to read and ample compensation for the somewhat light conflict.

Looking for a spirited romance with snappy repartee, smooth pacing and a yummy hero? Look no further than YOUR BABY OR MINE (4) by favorite storyteller Marie Ferrarella. A handsome computer executive's frantic search for a nanny ends when he hires a spunky single mom in need of a helping hand. Ms. Ferrarella adds a zesty crispness and magic to a classic storyline.

Next up is LOOK-ALIKE BRIDE (3) by Laura Anthony, the story of a beautiful amnesia victim fighting to recover while doing battle to regain the love she and a bitter rancher once shared. Ms. Anthony's sweet-natured heroine and talent for storytelling make this an enjoyable read, although one might prefer a more trusting and understanding hero.

Stella Bagwell beguiles readers with THE SHERIFF'S SON (3). After finding twin infants abandoned on her doorstep, a pretty nurse grudgingly contacts the local lawman, who just happens to be a former lover. But even as their passion reignites, a secret might douse the flame of love for good. Although the conflict resolution seems predictable, Ms. Bagwell accents her romance with a nice dramatic flair.

Phyllis Halldorson wraps up the month with the tale of a lively nurse who literally runs into a handsome doctor and vows to become A WIFE FOR DR. SAM (2). Although story effectiveness is weakened by awkward dialogue and the occasionally immature behavior of the heroine, readers will still find the romance reasonably entertaining.

Reviewed by: 
Pamela B. Cohen