Image of THE SHERIFF'S SURRENDER (Ladies' Shooting Club)


Image of THE SHERIFF'S SURRENDER (Ladies' Shooting Club)

Davis kicks off the Ladies' Shooting Club series with a romance filled with nonstop adventure, mystery and murder. The characters are charming, down to earth and just trying to live their lives. Davis makes her characters leap off the pages without overdoing the emotions. This is sure to please readers of any age.

In Fergus Falls, Idaho, in 1885, Gert Dooley can run circles around the men when it comes to handling a gun. When the sheriff is murdered, the women decide to get shooting lessons from her. The men aren't happy about it, but there's not much they can do.

When more murders occur and the killer leaves an 1866 penny at each death, interim sheriff Ethan Chapman enlists the help of Gert and the other women to uncover the identity of the killer before more people die. Ethan and Gert feel the sparks between them, and they'll have to deal with those feelings when the killer is finally unmasked. (BARBOUR, Dec., 320 pp., $10.97)
Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans