Fledgling fashion designer Lilly Jacobs loses a big promotion because she's out of the office getting her hair straightened. What was God thinking when he blessed her with this monster mop that keeps wrecking her life? Then her man-eating boss adds insult to injury by offering her a finance officer position. So what if she has an MBA from Stanford? Lilly hates the finance degree her grandmother nagged her into getting. She's going to design clothes, even if she has to strike out on her own. And what's with all the loser guys that keep parading through her life?

Time for an emergency spa weekend! Wealthy, glamorous Morgan, funky health-nut Dr. Poppy Clayton and Lilly- of-the-perpetual-bad-hair-day gather at California's Spa Del Mar to straighten out Lilly's life. Their plans meet with little success, but God arranges surprises that turn a mess into a masterpiece.

Billerbeck has the chick-lit tone nailed, providing the angst without the juvenile whine too common in the genre. Settle in for madcap fun that leaves the reader wanting more. (Oct., 256 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson