Image of She's Having the Boss's Baby


Image of She's Having the Boss's Baby
SHE’S HAVING THE BOSS’S BABY (3) by Kate Carlisle: Ellie Sterling wants to have a baby, but when she tells her boss she’s taking some time off to get artificially inseminated, Aiden Sutherland is appalled. First, because someone as sexy and smart as Ellie is resorting to a lab dad, and second, because he doesn’t know how the Alleria Resort will survive without her. What if she decides to leave? Aiden offers to father her child, but when Ellie agrees, the joint project seems to come secondary to the passion they uncover. Though Carlisle’s plot is a little worn, her characters and dialogue are charismatic enough to make readers forget the old ploy and enjoy the ride.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper