Magazine publisher Leila Owens is all business. This changes when her irresponsible younger sister leaves her daughter for Leila to care for and disappears. Although Leila has no desire to be a mother -- and no experience with babies -- young Emma draws her in, and soon Leila is not only in love with her niece but also with her handsome neighbor Garrick, who seems to have a way with babies and their aunts. When her sister wants Emma back, Leila fears that her happiness will be short-lived. She's My Baby (4), by Adrianne Byrd, is a charming love story -- really two love stories -- with characters that engage the reader's heart and empathy. Byrd does an excellent job of showing how loving Emma opens Leila's heart to all of life's possibilities. Additionally, Garrick is a wonderful hero who's as at ease with a diaper as he is with a champagne flute.
Reviewed by: 
Stephanie Schneider