In this story that’s told in four distinct voices, the author takes a chance by making the female lead character immensely unlikable. Oddly enough, by taking readers into each character’s head, we see that outward behavior is not always a true reflection of intent. The style of the storytelling becomes as important as the story itself.

An award-winning actress, Katharina Minola should be the toast of Hollywood. Instead, her diva-like attitude has made her a pariah. Enter the Lucentio brothers, Vincenzo and Pietro. Having produced her first movie, which won an Oscar, Vincenzo has decided that he can bring his brother and Katharina together and produce not only another blockbuster film but also a romantic encounter that neither party is looking for. Add the diva’s assistant Bianca to the mix, and everyone gets their happy ending. (DAFINA, Mar., 325 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins