This book has the perfect amount of fuzzy, heartwarming goodness and hot and heavy romance which both meld together perfectly. The lovable characters are well-developed, fun and will keep readers invested in the story. Nicholas knew exactly what she was doing when she paired Amanda and Ryan together, and don't let their personas fool you, they're made for each other. This book is guaranteed to comfort, humor and tantalize romance readers everywhere.

A little white lie about a nonexistent one night stand has the potential of getting a few people in trouble, including smoking hot paramedic Ryan Kaye. The seemingly innocent Amanda Dixon concocted the story trying to save a heart from being broken. But, when Ryan confronts her about it, he's surprised that he secretly wishes their rendezvous actually did happen. Ryan definitely has the goods to help Amanda live out a few of her fantasies and let her hair down, and maybe it is time she lives a little and lightens up from her family responsibilities. But, when they plan a steamy evening together, both Amanda and Ryan find themselves wanting more. (SAMHAIN, June 2013, 274pp., $5.50)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi